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Fear the Boot

Jul 18, 2012

* (0:50) Tips and techniques for running a fully improvised game.  We start by setting the boundaries for the discussion.

* (5:16) Why improv at all?

* (6:50) Asking the right questions to get things started.  In the broadest sense, what sort of game experience do the players want to have?  Setting boundaries and building initial, internal consistency.

* (13:15) Using character-based questions to narrow everything down and draw out ideas for the game.

* (20:58) How far ahead of the players you need to be.  Sources of inspiration for setting the scene.  The power of, “Yes, but…”

* (31:03) Employing all of these ideas in a practice exercise.

* (39:54) John’s approach to running improv games.  How introducing a formalized rules system impacts the process.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Julia, Pat, Wayne