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Fear the Boot

Jun 14, 2012

* (0:30) Fear the Boot sans Dan.  Pat makes me proud by his treatment of Chris.

* (5:17) Some love for the Darker Days podcast.

* (6:13) Free RPG Day coming up on this Saturday, June 16th.

* (8:53) The lessons learned from a nearly-dead online game.  Setup time, scheduling, and social awkwardness.

* (24:30) Some shout-outs from Fear the Con V.

* (27:55) Allowing your PCs — or the enemies — to quit the field during a roleplaying game, whether through retreat, surrender, capture, or truce.  Why it so rarely happens.  How to make it feel like an option, and the depth it can add to a game when handled properly.

Hosts: Chris, Johann, Karla, Pat, Wayne