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Fear the Boot

Jun 7, 2012

FAIR WARNING: The first part of this episode is a bit crass.  If you’re offended by that sort of thing, just skip forward to the 18 minute mark and begin listening there.

* (0:30) Welcoming guest hosts, Chris Mais and Julia.  Julia’s struggles as a gaming girl.  Chris Mais proves he can out…whatever…Chris Hussey.  A discussion about cosplay, including the costumes Julia has done and the one Dan wants to do.

* (17:53) Gaming with a very large group of players.  The largest group we’ve each been in and how they were formed.

* (22:28) The problems large groups can create for the Game Master, including a large audience to entertain, numerous interactions to work out, and the amount of data to track.

* (28:01) The problems players have to contend with.  Too many leaders, cliques, character overlap, and simple boredom.  The diminishing role of NPCs.

* (43:40) Possible solutions to make an unwieldy gaming group work.

Hosts: Chris M., Dan, John, Julia, Pat