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Fear the Boot

May 24, 2012

* (0:00) Don’t worry.  We’ll stick with podcasting.

* (2:07) May 5th?  Wow, I’m behind on getting these episodes out.  But for those of you that didn’t make it, welcome to Fear the Con V!  We start by introducing the podcasts represented on this episode.

* (2:55) The winner of the Power 16 III!

* (4:39) The art of storytelling in an RPG, as inspired by an article about running games for a blind gamer (which can be found here).  Adding vivid appeal in a small number of words.  The importance of all five senses in the description of setting, dialog, and action.  Holding the other people at your table accountable for contributing to the scene.

* (41:33) Stopping just shy of entrapment, Chris Ings gives Johann something a Juggalo would surely love.  We also get a gift from Japan, which went entirely to Chad.

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