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Fear the Boot

Aug 18, 2011

* (0:52) On October 7 -9, 2011, Fear the Boot will be attending the GAME convention in Springfield, MO.  We hope some of you can join us!  This leads to reminiscing about Gorf and Logo.

* (7:28) If you’re playing Champions Online, consider joining the Fear the Boot guild, Awkward Confessors.  You can find out more on the forums.  My essay on MMOs can be found here.

* (11:17) Dan delivers a rant entitled, “Dammit, put that game down!”

* (16:57) Be sure to visit John’s Bloodmoon Goblins site, watch the promo video, and consider making a donation toward the effort.

* (17:51) Running a game where invasion is the primary plot line or setting feature.  Creating stories that are believable, yet still offer compelling opportunities for player success.  Starting the invasion, defining the invaders, and setting goals for the protagonists.  Drawing from real world history for inspiration.  Handling the pacing issues that can be caused by a resistance that builds momentum over a long period of time.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, Karla, Wayne