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Fear the Boot

Aug 4, 2011

* (0:44) Some details on the progress and release schedule for Mikey Mason’s new album, Impotent Nerd Rage.

* (4:48) Integrating a comedic character in a serious campaign, without that character disrupting the flow and feel of the game.  The actual play Wayne’s involved in is Knights of Reignsborough.

* (17:59) Kyle sends in a question related to the series we did on dungeon design (here’s part 1 and part 2, for those of you that missed them), asking how to take a dungeon you’ve already designed and bring it to life.  How do you make the place feel exciting and interesting as you describe the trek through countless rooms and corridors?

* (58:29) Be sure to keep up with This Just In…From Gen Con! for convention coverage and at least one episode that will feature Fear the Boot.

Hosts: Dan, Johann, Mikey, Pat, Wayne