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Fear the Boot

Jul 20, 2011

* (1:26) Congratulating Atomic Array and Kicked in the Dicebags on their ENnie nominations.  This leads into a question about the role awards play in consumer decision-making versus content producers simply enjoying the recognition.

* (11:43) The guests pay more attention to the outline than the regular hosts do.

* (12:53) Art, layout, and page design.  How they help sell your product.  Some legal considerations you need to work out with an artist so it’s clear who owns what.  The best ways to compensate your artists, particularly when you’re on a tight budget.

* (24:45) Funding the project.  Using your own money, the patronage model, or websites such as Kickstarter.  How to get other people involved in supporting your work and rewarding them for their investment.  Building a budget for your product.

* (35:22) Marketing your game.  How to build it into the product right from the get-go.  Building and utilizing a fan base to help evangelize.  Keeping people excited and rewarding them for their effort.

* (53:34) Options for getting published, whether electronically or in print.

* (57:36) A final thanks to Ed and Derek.  You can hear more of Ed on Atomic Array or War Pig Radio.  You can hear more of Derek on his podcast, The Established Facts (referred to as Casting Robot during the show).  And be sure to take a look at the Palegain setting and consider helping out his Kickstarter project!

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Derek, Ed, Pat, Wayne