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Fear the Boot

Jul 14, 2011

* (0:29) Introducing our guest hosts, Derek and Ed.

* (2:52) Chris gives a shoutout to his nephew who’s landed the leading role in Highlander: The Musical.  If you’re interested in learning more, you can check out their website.  The reason Split Second needs a musical (some NSFW language).

* (9:26) With Gen Con coming up soon, don’t forget to subscribe to This Just In…From Gen Con! for some great media coverage.  And if you’ll be in attendance, be sure to get signed up for the TOFTBCH network and join us throughout the con for meals and pick-up games.

* (10:15) The writing process.  Translating your ideas and notes into a usable, well-organized document that’s fit for publication.  Finding good editors — including those that have experience in the RPG industry — and building a community of people that can help you.

* (28:00) The importance of playtesting to shake out the problems in your game.  Also, the importance of getting playtesters outside of your usual circle of friends, and ways to find strangers that will test the game.

* (34:11) Getting proper licensing to use established systems or settings.

* (38:33) Additional legal concerns, including forming a company, figuring out your taxes, and protecting your work by copyright.  The government website I recommended can be found here.

* (49:48) Some final words of warning and encouragement before we close out part 1 of this series.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Derek, Ed, Pat, Wayne