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Fear the Boot

May 5, 2011

* (1:10) Chris asks what we each want from the grocery store, which turns into an illustration on roleplaying styles.

* (5:50) When a game, movie, novel, or TV show is taking a long time to get good, how long do you stick with it before giving up?

* (22:24) Deception at the gaming table.  We setup the topic, offer three categories of lying we’ll cover, and put a few boundaries on the discussion.

* (23:56) Game Masters lying to their players.  The complication caused by the many roles the Game Master fills.  The responsibility players have to not ask certain questions to avoid spoiling their own game experience.  The relationship between social deception done via roleplaying versus die mechanics.

* (45:50) The player lying to the Game Master as the Game Master, as opposed to a PC lying to an NPC simply played by the Game Master.

* (50:09) Last call for the charity auction!  Post your ideas on the blog or forum thread.

* (50:16) Also, a last call for Mikey Mason’s kickstarter project.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Johann, Pat, Wayne