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Fear the Boot

Apr 6, 2011

* (0:30) A big thanks to Chris Ings for the Fear the Boot themed ‘Mechs!

* (2:41) Some love for the many podcasts that came out to support Fear the Con through promotion, attendance, and on-site coverage!  Be sure to check their feeds for actual play recordings and other goodies.

Dice + Food + Lodging
Gaming Asylum
Ideology of Madness
Kicked in the Dicebags
Postcards from the Dungeon
Role Playing Public Radio
The Big Hairy Podcast
Thistledown Actual Play

* (4:33) The number of first time con-goers and first time gamers we met at Fear the Con 4.

* (6:32) The rediscovery of a long-lost fixture of the recording studio.  Pat promptly takes them from Chad to show him how it’s done.

* (7:28) Chad wrote and released rules for a game inspired by the movie, Inception, and the RPG, Dread.  You can find the rules on our blog. We talk about how the game plays and how it incorporates leading questionnaires in character creation.  Those same questionnaires are also used to build the game’s plot.

* (16:06) Using leading questionnaires in a role playing game.  How they can help build characters or steer the game in directions the GM would like it to go.  Why such exercises are easier for some players than others, simply based on whether they plan or “feel out” their characters.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne