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Fear the Boot

Mar 24, 2011

* (1:50) An important announcement regarding Fear the Con 5.

* (2:28) Welcoming the podcasts that joined us for the live recording: Kicked in the Dicebags, Role Playing Public Radio, Postcards from the Dungeon, Gaming Asylum, and Good Beer Show.

* (3:58) Introducing Bob Arens, our expert on artificial intelligence.  An AI he created was responsible for writing or helping write games for at least three people.  Bob explains the basics of how the AI works and how it helps in scene design.

* (11:23) Open discussion with the attendees about the morality and usefulness of artificial intelligence, where the technology is right now, where it’s headed in the future, and what it can (or can’t) contribute to the creative arts.  We also discuss how one defines true personhood.

* (41:27) Arlie and Tricia — with the help of many other attendees — present Dan with a map of Fear the Con 4.

* (47:41) We close out with a few more comments on artificial intelligence, focusing on their lack of a shared human experience.  A few remarks are made about Fear the Boot itself, and finally we find out what the AI itself has to say about becoming our overlord.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, John, Pat, Wayne, and a whole lot of booters

NOTE: There were other podcasts on premises, some of which were recording episodes at the same time as ours.  Once I have all of that info in, I’ll be giving links to their FtC4 related coverage, actual play recordings, etc, for your entertainment.  Expect that with episode 227.