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Fear the Boot

Feb 17, 2011

* (0:31) Chad makes his first guest appearance on another podcast, sitting in with the rebooted (excuse the pun) Kicked in the Dicebags.

* (1:45) Chris wishes a happy birthday to…St. Louis…?  And Wayne celebrates with a surprise gift for Dan.

* (3:25) Dan gets shutdown by being recognized too quickly.

* (4:56) Realizing we do a show, we stop to introduce our guest host, Jeff.  He’ll be joining us for two episodes.  If you enjoy hearing him on Fear the Boot, he’s also a host of his own podcast, Gaming Asylum, which you can find on iTunes or at their site.

* (6:18) Fear the Con 4 attendance is going wonderfully, which means we could use more GMs!  Also, there are folks looking to split the cost of attendance by carpooling and room-sharing.

* (7:56) Following up on how advice provided by the community helped us resolve the “tainted character” situation brought up in episode 217.  A big thanks to everyone that gave us such great insight!

* (13:33) What starts as a quick recap on our attempts to bring players-as-NPCs into our weekly game grows into a larger debate with new thoughts.  Topics include why Chris wouldn’t generally want it done in his games, “making” versus “taking” NPCs, letting players control enemies, and the joys of character growth.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Jeff, Pat, Wayne