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Fear the Boot

Jan 26, 2011

* (0:37) Chad asks a mammoth question, and somehow that leads into a discussion on soundboards.

* (6:44) Fear the Froot is back for Fear the Con 4!  You can find details on where to send donations on our forums.

* (8:14) Pre-con tourism and social events will begin the afternoon of Sunday, March 13th, 2011.  You can keep up with our location by PMing your cell phone number to ZeikeCopperEyes on the forums or following our Twitter feed.

* (10:48) Video game nostalgia.  Do old games still hold up, or was it just a matter of the playground being bigger when you’re young?  Whether it’s even possible to compare new and old games.  Also, the changing social dynamic brought about by newer match-making systems.

* (40:09) Changing roles from Game Master to player.  Using your GM skills to be the best player you can be while resisting the urge to take control or nitpick someone else’s GMing technique.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne