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Fear the Boot

Jan 12, 2011

* (0:30) Chris makes introductions hard for Pat.  Meanwhile, the podcast is doing better than our games!  We also learn that Chad and Johann are not mutually exclusive realities.

* (2:59) Introducing Boots, the Pegasus I got from my Secret Santa on our forums.

* (5:43) Several Fear the Boot hosts have been guests on the new, improved, and re-imagined Kicked in the Dicebags.  It’s too many episodes for me to link individually, but you can find them all on their show feed.

* (8:11) Dan still dreams of a Muscle March tournament at Fear the Con.

* (9:27) Resolving conflict in an RPG without resorting to combat.  Tricks for avoiding combat when it doesn’t fit your character or the outcome you want.  When GMs seem to force combat as the only solution to a problem.

* (37:29) Deciding what to do with a character that has been reshaped by situations beyond your control.  Whether to keep, modify, or ditch a character that no longer feels like the one you created and wanted to play.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Johann, Pat