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Fear the Boot

Nov 22, 2010

* (0:34) Welcoming back Tracy Hickman.  Also, Dan asks about an urban legend that apparently only he has heard.

* (5:18) Tracy makes an announcement about an unexpected work-in-progress.  I won’t spoil it for you, but it has nothing to do with dragons.  If you’re interested in Pat’s tangential comment, you can find a relevant article here.

* (16:48) Following up with Tracy on his foray into new media.  Seeing what portents his situation may have for the broader prose and RPG publishing industries.  Getting noticed — even as a well established author — in a saturated marketplace.  If you’re interested in the Dragon’s Bard holiday special, apply the discount code (feartheelf) when ordering at the holiday URL.

* (31:00) Building vibrant, interesting towns for your RPG setting.  You can check out Medieval Demographics Made Easy for some inspiration.  In case you’re wondering, you can find an explanation online of the Checkov’s Gun trope.

* (1:11:06) Tracy’s holiday board game.  You can find the free download or purchase a printed copy at Reindeer Gamer.  There’s also a short video trailer you can watch.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Tracy, Wayne