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Fear the Boot

Oct 20, 2010

* (0:55) Journey Quest, a web series from Matt Vancil and the other creators of The Gamers.

* (1:45) Wayne has passed the 20,000 word mark on his serial fiction over on the Skies of Glass site.

* (3:05) Providing examples of Dan’s GMing notes.  Check the Resources page for samples of the What’s Really Going On document, NPC reference, and two session outlines.

* (10:56) The issue of pacing within a game, as inspired by our own foibles.  For the sake of discussion, we break pacing down into two types: the immediate engagement of the player as opposed to the overall arc of storytelling.  We start by describing the first kind and offering some ideas for players and GMs to keep everyone engaged and deal with the moments when people have to get drawn away from the table.

* (28:49) The pacing of storytelling within a game.  Deciding how long a specific plot within the campaign should last, and the importance of the breaks that occur between those plots.  We outline some options available to Game Masters and thoughts on picking the right one.

Hosts: Dan, Pat, Wayne