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Fear the Boot

Oct 6, 2010

* (0:30) Why Chris is becoming our new monthly visitor.

* (2:39) Using game mechanics as the basis for a plot, encounter, or player character.  How rules can serve as a great inspiration for many aspects of your game.

* (19:51) Gaming with kids.  We start by setting some boundaries on the conversation regarding the type of game and age group we’re talking about.  We also discuss why this topic is important even to people that don’t have kids of their own.

* (26:22) The problems and opportunities presented by limited literacy and math skills.  Ways of simplifying the concepts and teaching kids new skills as you go.

* (38:29) How gender can affect the game.  Is it helpful to setup a plot for boys a little differently than girls?

* (48:40) Dealing with controversial subject matter in a game with kids.  Determining what’s appropriate, particularly when not all of the children present are your own.  Is it appropriate to use games to educate children on moral themes?

* (58:15) How a lack of life experience can make conveying setting or theme more difficult when dealing with younger players.

Hosts: Chris, Dan, Johann, Pat, Wayne

NOTE: You can find the blog post with suggested titles for kids here.