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Fear the Boot

Sep 30, 2010

* (0:28) Fear the Con 4 will be on March 18th and 19th of 2011.  Wing Night will be the night before on March 17th.  Tourism and social events will be held the Sunday through Wednesday beforehand.  The website and ticketing information will be released soon.

* (2:42) New roleplayers and their lack of baggage.  How they can offer wonderful surprises and GMing difficulty all at once.

* (16:10) Have we over-complicated gaming for ourselves?  Why it’s sometimes tempting to look back at simpler days, and whether it’s possible to actually go back.

* (25:20) The common reasons people leave the hobby.  Separating the good reasons from the bad ones, and offering some encouragement to people that want to keep roleplaying but are struggling to make it work in their life.  The Penny Arcade comic on adult gamers can be found here.  Anyone dealing with moral objections to RPGs may want to check out the Christian Gamers Guild’s FAQ.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Pat, Wayne