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Fear the Boot

Sep 22, 2010

* (0:24) Game titles that are popular in Ireland, Israel, and Sweden.  The consumption of local games versus those produced in America.

* (5:46) The ubiquity of English in entertainment and how that affects RPGs.  Whether language can serve as a barrier to getting into the hobby.  Titles published in other languages that English speakers may be missing out on.

* (14:02) How national culture impacts the types of games that people consume.  The ways various nations are represented in roleplaying games that provide a speculative world based on the real one.

* (22:39) The nature of social and religious prejudice regarding tabletop roleplaying games.  The presence or absence of gamer shame.

* (33:28) America as the default setting for roleplaying games.  How other countries are portrayed in games and whether portraying them in better detail would help them gain traction abroad.

* (47:15) Drawing together our similarities as gamers, regardless of where we live.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Itamar, Jenny, Shane

Itamar is a regular host of the Hamishakia podcast, which has a feed dedicated to their English language episodes.

Jenny is an artist with an online gallery of her work.

Shane is a host of The Adventuring Party podcast.