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Fear the Boot

Jul 29, 2010

* (0:44) The TOFTBCH network is still accepting sign-ups.  Be sure to join us for all the social and gaming events we’ll be setting up during Gen Con.  They’ve also gotten reservations for a pre-con wing night, 8:00pm on Wednesday at Scotty’s Brewhouse.

* (1:53) Canadian police cracking down on G20 protesters bust an Amtgard LARPer and give us a new idea for a weapon.  You can read the article on The Globe and Mail.

* (9:02) Chris has the opportunity to do a news story on gaming and finds out he just might be a LARPophobe. You can watch the bit he did for D&D’s 30th anniversary here.

* (18:56) Playing characters that are socially excluded from the game’s setting due to race, species, religion, legal status, etc.  How to use them to make a game feel more believable without letting them completely gum up the narrative.

* (51:22)  What we have in mind for episode 200 and why it may take a while to produce.

Hosts: Chad, Chris, Dan, Pat, Wayne