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Fear the Boot

Apr 9, 2008

* For episode 100, we’ll be taking your questions about our views, hosts, or anything else you want to talk about.  So please send your questions to Luke or Dan!

* If you’re in the St. Louis area or interested in Warmachine, don’t miss Diecon at the end of May!

* This past week, Dan was a guest host on two shows.  The first is the Gamer Traveler episode in which Dan discusses his cruise.  The second is Kore News with Walt Snider.  If you’d like to discuss the topics on Walt’s show, be sure to visit his forum!

* Karla talks about how many chairs have been destroyed in this house, and Luke recants.

* Drawing your players into the start of a roleplaying game campaign.

* Designing races for your RPG.  And don’t miss this segment’s objection!

Hosts: Dan, John, Karla (briefly), Luke, Matt, Tex

Jonathan Landreth
almost twelve years ago

Just to comment on Humans being American-based. I know some of you have read but not played the Warhammer Fantasy RPG and I think that Humans were portrayed pretty well in relation to the time period the setting is loosely based on. They didn\'t scream \"western-thinkers\", to me at least. Just something to consider. Love the show guys.

almost twelve years ago

Alot of fantasy in general, not just roleplaying has a distinctly Western feel. Its really fascinating to track down sci fi and fantasy writing from before major milestones, like sci-fi pre Asimov and Heinlein or fantasy pre Tolkien as they read so differently from what people have become used to.

Its also interesting to see the mentality diffence that older styles of writing cover - I have some books that were written in the 1800s by several British nobles, where you can see the old \"noble savages or heathens\" mentality when discussing non europeans

almost twelve years ago

If Adam was there, I\\\'m pretty sure you wouldn\\\'t have gotten away with the shallow \\\'animal people is only a sexual fetish\\\' statement. And then you go on saying you like Khilrathi (spl?).
Though I\\\'ll agree that animal people make little sense in sci-fi (to an extent, don\\\'t we all kind of look like monkeys anyway? Each alien species would probably resemble some animal on their planet anyway) I think animal people work just fine in Fantasy settings, and they\\\'re popular. I doubt it\\\'s all sexual titillation.

René López
almost twelve years ago

Hmmm... I can see today\'s post, but there\'s no podcast attached to it. Am I missing something?