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Fear the Boot

Apr 2, 2008

* Host absence and…murder…?

* Dan and John will be in New York this weekend for I-Con 27!  While there, Fear the Boot will be receiving the Robin D. Laws Award for Excellence in Gaming.

* If you’re in the St. Louis area or a big WarMachine fan, please stop by Diecon in late May.

* If you’re interested in helping start a con in or around Richmond, VA, please check out this site!

* Trampas reviewed Fear the Con in episode 13 of Dragonlance Canticle.

* Be sure to check out Chris Engler’s new podcast, Wapcaplets!

* How to handle uncomfortable social situations when hosting a game.

* Tips for running an epic-level roleplaying game.

Hosts: Dan, Luke, Matt

almost twelve years ago

\"Lubricant of the wheels of Fun\" is the best line ever.