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Fear the Boot

Mar 26, 2008

* John and Dan will be I-CON 27 in New York, April 4 – 6.  We’ve also found out we’re to be awarded the Robin D. Laws Award for Excellence in Gaming while there!

* If you sent Dan any emails between March 17th and March 20th, please send them again.

* If you’d like to see our first Skies of Glass review, you can find it on RPG Realms in their entry for March 19, 2008.

* We’re working on a dedicated host to improve website performance.

* White Wolf’s Graduate Your Game initiative.

* Settings that have been designed to work with a variety of RPG systems.

* Using external inspiration to assist with character creation.

Hosts: Dan, John, Luke, Tex

almost twelve years ago

And now that I\'ve listened to most of this episode on the way home from work, I know that RSE was one of the reasons the topic came up.
Oh well, I\'m glad it\'s getting noticed out there.

almost twelve years ago

There actually was a Cheetos game, starring Chester Cheetah. My brother and I had it for the Sega Genesis.

almost twelve years ago

I liked one of the forum posters thoughts on this: Imagine going to the jon, and instead of the rolls of TP, you see a stack of PHBs.

almost twelve years ago

Would guess that glossy paper might give you some trouble. I would think those old Judges Guild adventures (Written on newspaper-like paper) would be more comfortable, though any books on \"The Underdark\" would surely be appropriate!!

almost twelve years ago

I\'m new to the podcast, and I\'m currently working my way through older ones. I\'m on ep 23 right now.

I wanted to make a mention here on a current topic though. There\'s a listing for settings without a specific game system. I don\'t know if this is what you were referring to, but I like this new setting that\'s been on the market for a couple of months now. Rocketship Empires 1936.
It has suggestions on how some rules can be applied, but it\'s a system-free campaign setting.

Just thought I\'d toss that out there.

almost twelve years ago

Love your podcast guys. I am lucky enough to be allowed to listen to my I-pod at work in the office (Only in one ear though, as still have to keep an ear out for the phones!) and look forward to listening to your debates in the afternoons.
I was interested to hear about White Wolf\\\'s Graduate your game scheme. Not sure if they are trying to bribe in new players to Exhalted though, or empty their warehouse of it.
I too agree that the world is good, but the system is a mess (Even from character generation).
What I am wondering is what is happening to all the D&D books being sent in?

1. They are being given to White Wolf staff as incentives, for use as mouse pads, door stops or fly swats.

2. They are being sold to third world countries as emergency shelters for very tiny people (Just open at the spell section to complete your hardback pup tent!)

3. They are being used to cap off a large landfill site, as a foundation for a new interstate.

4. They are being piled into a giant ziggurat, to be topped with a giant White Wolf statue, so that all may worship it from afar!

What do you think??