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Fear the Boot

Mar 15, 2008

* John and Dan will be I-CON 27 in New York, April 4 – 6.

* Skies of Glass, Tier 1, will be released as a PDF document when the next episode drops.

* Ah, the Dragonlance episode.  Be sure to check out Trampas’ podcast, Dragonlance Canticle.

* We would like to thank the following folks for supporting Fear the Con…

Stacey and Margie for their work on concessions
CJ, Karla, and Kim for taking care of admission and door prizes
Tony Mast for Fear the Froot
Chris Engler
Martian Bob
12 to Midnight
Atomic Earth
Catalyst Games
Gamer Ground
Polymancer magazine
White Wolf
the St. Louis warmachine community
…and most of all, the excellent gamers that showed up to make this con work!

* Our Flickr account can be found at

* What we learned from running this con.  We think this information could help out anyone that’s interested in running a con or just curious what goes on behind the scenes.

Hosts: Dan, John, Luke, Matt

almost twelve years ago

Thanks for the mention and the link, guys.

I absolutely loved Fear the Con. Best local con I\'ve ever been to, and possibly better than even GenCon. Save there were no girls in chainmail bikinis going around. Maybe Luke will next year...