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Fear the Boot

Feb 20, 2008

WARNING: The content of this episode is a little more coarse than usual.

* BJ’s Liquo store…?

* How Valentine’s Day has destroyed this episode.

* Fear the Con on March 8th!  Don’t forget World Wide Wing Night at Side Pockets the Friday before, eye exams from Luke the Sunday after, and Fear the Froot during the event.

* The Hobbit and other classic books.

* The evolution of arcade games and how that got us thinking about the evolution of roleplaying games.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, John, Matt

almost twelve years ago

A Journey arcade game?

Man, I missed out on some sweet arcade games, what with being born in \'88. I\'m gonna go find one, and fail to end the state of be-leeeeeive\'in\'.

And that is one intense CAPTCHA. Trippy.

almost twelve years ago

I think this episode contains my favorite FTB quote yet: Chad\\\'s analogy of roleplaying games to a stinky fish.

almost twelve years ago

Tolkein wrote the Hobbit specifically to read to his child. So it succeeds at what he intended it for.

almost twelve years ago

Hey, Im with you Dan. Shakespeare is a hack, a genius hack mind you (great at stealing) but everything he did was mushing existing works togethor,

Ever look at his \"inspiration\" for Merchant of Venice?