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Fear the Boot

Jan 16, 2008

* Fear the Con and World Wide Wing Night 4!

* If you want a Fear the Boot hoodie, you can find them here.  Be sure to type “feartheboot” (without the quotes) in the coupon field.  This offer may be for a limited time only, so if you want it, get it fast!

* Luke’s Chromehounds group, Iron Tyrants.  Friends lists for PS3, Xbox Live, and Wii.

* Dealing with “that one player” in your roleplaying game.

* Dan’s bad gaming story…finally.

* Fear the Boot on Fanboy Smackdown doing an episode about Top Gun.  FAIR WARNING!  This episode was done at Gencon before we made our promise to lay off certain kinds of language and insulting certain people groups.

* Friendly local gaming stores.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke, Tex

over twelve years ago

Any idea what the shipping time is on those hoodies?

Also: First post.

almost twelve years ago

You guys really need to get a pro-D&D guy on the show. You run it down all the time with all kinds of mistakes and big claims that a regular player who keeps an eye on the wotc site could correct.