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Fear the Boot

Jan 9, 2008

* An introduction of the hosts and their geek interests.

* Who the girls love in the sci-fi/fantasy world.

* Conventions, Renaissance Fairs, etc.

* Ice-O-Hedron gaming con in Toronto.

* Fear the Con‘s masquerade.

* Movies they’d love to see made.

Hosts: Becky, Katie, Karla, Melina…and Phil

over twelve years ago

H.P Lovecraft gives too much description??? I stopped reading because it was too little. I got tired of \"indescribable horrors\", or any number of things that \"defied description\". Building up to the monster and then never describing it felt like teasing.

over twelve years ago

Yes! The last time you guys did this it was great. *downloads*

Red Machine D
over twelve years ago

1st post.

over twelve years ago

Please, please, please. Do the C\'thulu game. I want to hear how that goes down.

over twelve years ago

I just listened to a 2006 podcast yesterday and the guys were talking about authors who give too much or too little description. Imagine my surprise when you ladies broke out into a small tangent about it! Thank you for whichever one of you mentioned H.P. Lovecraft and his overboard descriptions. No one mentioned him in the guys\\\' podcast, and I was yelling at them through the monitor...........
Good job all.