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Fear the Boot

Jan 2, 2008

* The joy of Jelly Bellies.

* Dan’s New Years resolution.

* Christmas stories.

* Animals, familiars, and mounts in a roleplaying game.

* Designing and running factions in your RPG.

* Phil’s podcast at

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke

over twelve years ago

Oh man, if my dogs got into some chocolate I\'d be so terrified for their lives. That stuff is, like, poison to them.

over twelve years ago

Excuse the double-post, but though this episode had great advice on how to avoid abuse with animals, familiars and mounts, my problem is the opposite: Beastial Companions keep taking the back-seat in my games and people feel that class skill/background dot is wasted on what originally sounded like a cool idea. Advice for making animals/mounts ADD to the game more? IMHO, most game designers seem to have a thing against them and make them too weak.

over twelve years ago

I was listening to this episode in Winamp while checking my RSS feeds, and I inadvertently launched a YouTube video in another window. Apparently, the vid was some sort of lame comedy sketch. The soundtrack played simultaneously with FTB for about five minutes before I realized that it was not part of the podcast. They were talking on the vid soundtrack about pulling shit out of their asses during a business meeting.