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Fear the Boot

Dec 12, 2007

* We welcome Keith Curtis as a guest host.  You can view his website at  The song website he mentioned can be found here.

* Fear the Con now has an official website at

* Gaming in distracting environments.

* Designing maps for your roleplaying game.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Keith, Luke

NZ Gamers
over twelve years ago

Keith is spot on regarding products like Campaign Cartographer and Dunjinni.
I\'m an experienced Photoshop/Illustrator user and i find that applications like CC can get you to a starting point very quickly and easily.
Then by using the Adobe products you can polish your maps nicely so they have their own characteristcs.
Excellent episode guys keep up the god work ;)

over twelve years ago

Side note:

A city built willy nilly, in an inaccessible location, built because god told you too.

See: \"City of the Sun\" built by Akenaten

Truth is stranger than fiction.

over twelve years ago

Hunters Hunted is far and away one of the best supplements WW ever released.

Much better than that crap Hunter the reckoning garbage they releaed.

Hunters Hunted and the Inquisition book are probably 2 of my favorite books in that universe.

over twelve years ago

urg... wrong comment button... should have went on the previous one. Im a moron.

over twelve years ago

wooow, i listened to it on tuesday!

over twelve years ago

There\'s a big gap of silence near the end, when Keith is talking about his experience with Photoshop and Illustrator.

Besides that, fantastic episode. REALLY useful advice. *thumbs up*