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Fear the Boot

Nov 21, 2007

* W3N3 stories.  If you missed the pictures, you can find them here and here.

* A shout-out to Shawn Willet, the drunk wookie trucker!

* Luke’s reviews: Colonial Gothic and Eschalon: Book I.

* Weapons, axes, etc.  Flight of the Conchords Lord of the Rings video can be found here.

* Games gone horribly wrong.

Hosts: Adam, John, Karla, Luke, Tex

over twelve years ago

Too slow. Hexes and squares require no other tools. Quick and easy.

over twelve years ago

When I broke my arm the first time, I had a bone specialist named Dr. Jelly. He always said that if he had a daughter, he\\\'d name her Peanut Butter Anne.

I spent my 10th birthday in the hospital, so I got a table-top Pac-Man game for my birthday. It was loud, so my mom hated me playing it in the hospital. Dr. Jelly came in and just started playing.

over twelve years ago

More reviews, Luke!! I just downloaded Eschalon: Book I and look forward to being able to game on my aged laptop once again!!
Brian of Round Hill

over twelve years ago

By my count, Karla wins again.

Shawn (Not That Shawn)
over twelve years ago

Tell me you delibrately misspelled my name

over twelve years ago

Rather than hexes or squares, consider rulers and inches. Analog measurement baby.