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Fear the Boot

Nov 14, 2007

* World Wide Wing Night 3 pictures can be found in various threads.  The writers’ strike post by Shamus Young can be found here.

* Skies of Glass play-test results.  The “developers” thing John was talking about can be found here.

* Players finishing the campaign too quickly, with a tangent on computer adventure games.  And, yes, exfiltrate really is a word.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke

over twelve years ago

in re: the players finishing your game too quickly... I find that if i send them back to a town and say \"what do you want to do?\" they immediately _find_ things. like, the rogue who takes an assassination contract from the local Thieves Guild, gets betrayed (by one of his compatriots, although he doesn\'t know that) and decides to go and slaughter the entire Thieves\' Guild in revenge. Hence making me go, \"um, o... kay... let me roll up a thieves\' guild...\" I\'m finding more and more that the players will break your game, any chance they get... ;->