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Fear the Boot

Nov 7, 2007

* World Wide Wing Night 3.  The St. Louis group will be meeting at the Syberg’s on Dorsett.

* Fear the Boot sponsored convention on March 8th, 2008.

* See Luke for your eye care needs!

* Luke asks Dan about why Battletech’s flavor doesn’t come out well in many of its sourcebooks.

* The newest weapon in Dan’s arsenal.

* Comparisons, advice, and and information regarding the old and new World of Darkness.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke

over twelve years ago

I am a fan of the show and the humor in it. However, I am begging you guys to stop interrupting each other with snarky little one liners. So often I will be enjoying a topic that is being discussed, and the whole thing will come crashing down because Adam is blurting out puns and inside jokes whenever the original speaker takes a breath between sentences. It is really annoying, and makes Adam who is obviously a very quick and funny guy seem like a glory-hog.

So, please, allow each other to finish their thoughts so that they in turn will allow you to finish your thought.

almost twelve years ago

I don\'t really agree when you say that their\'s no real goal for a Mage (or that they give you no idea about what you should be doing) Their big aspiration is to transcend (through gaining power/knowledge)but also not lose their self or their in getting that power. If they told you exactly how to do that it would limit the games possibilities and isn\'t that up for the GM or ST to decide?

over twelve years ago

You mentioned the other four monsters, but don\\\'t forget Promethean: The Created.
A very unique addition exclusive to the new World of Darkness.