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Fear the Boot

Oct 31, 2007

* The podcast spoof contest is over!  Stick around after the show to hear the winners.

* World Wide Wing Night 3.  The St. Louis group will be meeting at the Syberg’s on Dorsett.

* Donating your old game books to your local library.

* Luke gets outed.

* Dan’s view on capital ship combat!  Ok, just kidding.  We actually talk about house rules.  Here’s the command-prompt Portal game John was talking about.

* Since it’s Halloween, we get Luke’s insight on running a horror game.  We talked him up during episode 45, so now we get it straight from the source.

* Spoof winner #1: Meg, Josh, and Zeke from Brilliant Gameologists.  Meg doesn’t have any speaking parts since we don’t currently have a female on the cast.

* Spoof winner #2: Forum user, Tim White, who is also the composer of our current theme music.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke

over twelve years ago

It has been anecdotally related to me by non-librarians and friends of librarians over on that RPG books are among the most-stolen your run of the mill library might have, along with Kerouac\\\'s On the Road.

over twelve years ago

OK, that Portal game...where does one find the User Handbook? And is this really that old game referred to in the show? Because according to Wikipedia, this is some part of the Half-Life Orange Box viral advertising for the NEW Portal game.

over twelve years ago

Spoofs were SOOOO funny! I laughed out loud!
(Show was good, too.)

over twelve years ago

\\\"Let\\\'s get this train out of the station\\\" is not something I\\\'ve ever heard Dan say, but OH MAN does it ever match his usual stuff. Brilliant creativity. \\\'twas funny.