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Fear the Boot

Oct 24, 2007

* Not Fear the Boot Con.

* Congratulations to Tony Mast on the birth of his daughter!

* Fear the Boot spoof contest.

* World Wide Wing Night 3!  St. Louis now has a reserved location at Sybergs.

* Bringing a campaign to a proper end.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, John, Luke

over twelve years ago

I don\'t think I\'ve heard the hosts argue this much.
\"In this episode of Fear the Boot, we\'ve replaced Banter with Bickering. Let\\\'s see if anyone noticed\"

Loads of great advice, though. ; )
I have to comment that confidence comes not as much from experience, but from your player\'s praise. Players need to tell their GM if they had a good time, maybe even tell him \"This part was cool!\" and \"I\'m really enjoying this game!\" usually they take their xp and go, but it leaves the GM wondering if they did a good job.
I agree with John: Players need to cut the GM some slack. And I add to that if you enjoyed the game the GM made for you, thank her/im and compliment it. Your games will be better for it, because you gave her/im confidence.

over twelve years ago

Blindeye hit the nail on the head: banter vs. bickering.
John and Adam sound too much alike.
This is the best combination of personalities for the podcast, though. Please keep all four together. Up until now, Dan had handled interruptions far more patiently than I ever could, but he slipped this time. Also, this episode was like listening to a gaming session when the GM is trying to play and all the players keep trying to torpedo him for the fun of it. Only - it\'s not fun for the GM or anyone who wants to enjoy the game.
As for the topic: I had numerous games end before the actual expected and planned finish, one was literally with just one final session to go! \'You now face the final opponent . . . we\'ll pick up from here next week\' and next week never came. It sucks, but it is often unavoidable.
I only play PbP games now (after 25 years of gaming tabletop) and I have had the current campaign run for three years! Three people have been there from the start and three others have been around for two years, with a couple new players coming on fairly recently and a few who left after a year or less. The game is about to end. A real ending with real consequences. That seldom happens in tabletop. In fact, I took one of my unfinished tabletop games and worked it into my PbP game. The party in PbP actually interacts with the PCs from the tabletop game (who are now all NPCs). They even ended up completing the Quest the tabletop players were on!
Y\'see the advantage of PbP is that it doesn\'t matter that everyone can\'t be there Sunday or that Tom has a new girlfriend or that I\'m working over-time or that Sheri moved away. We play EVERY DAY at all different times of day! In today\'s busy world - it\'s a great way to go!
PS - Half my players are female, too. (For real female, not just some guy in Florida typing, \'hi, I\'m Brandy, I love RPGs, my new breast augmentation, and nude sunbathing - can we RP that?\'