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Fear the Boot

Oct 17, 2007

* World Wide Wing Night 3!

* Fear the Boot EVE guild.

* Spoof Fear the Boot podcast contest.

* Tex’s dating update.

* A review of Catalyst Game’s new Battletech products.

* Festivuscon recap.

* Campaign rules.

Hosts: Adam, Dan, Luke, Tex

over twelve years ago

I\'m all over Reign. The things you are looking for in a campaign (I loved the \"zoom out\" comment) are exactly what I\'m looking for, the ability to play as your PC but have it affect the bigger strategic picture of whatever city-state, guild, gang you are affiliated with. Thanks!

over twelve years ago

yeah, I can\'t seem to find anything useful about \"rain\" from google (except it is some kind of weather that happens in the \"outside\")

over twelve years ago

I think they were saying Reign not Rain. If so then they probably were talking about the game by Greg Stolze.

over twelve years ago

I think you are doing a good job of NOT publishing links to websites and other resources you mention in your show. Is this intentional or is it my inability to find the proper links? ;-)

over twelve years ago

EDIT: 36:08 - 36:15

Also, how about a link to some info on this \\\\\\\"Rain\\\\\\\" game? I might have missed better info on it due to too much multitasking.

over twelve years ago

Can a link be provided to this \\\"dawn of ages\\\" system?

over twelve years ago

There was two really long silences in this episode, I\'m not sure if it\'s just me, though.

over twelve years ago

Your not crazy. One is at 34:36-34:47 and 36:08-36:08.

As for resources/accounting do like Burning Wheel, have a Resource dice and Obstacles to get what you want. Would get the object even if fail but tax the Resource. You might explicitely state some tangible assets but leave the rest up to a roll when needed. I have been trying to use this concept to gloss over large scale logistics in a large star system environment (an attacking fleet would have a Resource and maybe a Cache). My idea is trying to develop mechanics/game for a county-wide Renegade Legion game.