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Fear the Boot

Jun 20, 2007

* Power 16 update.  You can find the current bracket here.  And don’t forget to vote here!

* Star Wars Saga Edition.

* Fog of war at the gaming table.

* The best RPG purchases we’ve made.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, John

Bill Gates
twelve and a half years ago

I think the issue over minis is a valid one. Using squares instead of feet adds an extra step for anyone who doesn\'t use a map. I don\'t feel that they are streamlining anything with the changes they have made.

I\'ve been working on some rules for a system for a couple months. While I do think that minitures help make a highly tactical environment, I also think that they create a barrier for new players to overcome (in both rules and finance, which I believe is what got them into this mess). Not only that, but it is clearly not the only option for tactical combat. The biggest (non-financial) thing stopping dnd from going in the other direction is the setting.