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Fear the Boot

Jun 12, 2006

Before I get into the content of episode 5, I want to draw your attention to something.  At the time we recorded this episode, we had not yet gotten in touch with the folks at GOBLIN.  That has changed since the podcast was recorded, so we no longer need any help with that.

With that out of the way, let’s get down to business.

We start the episode off with some updates on the networks we’ve been getting listed on.  Among them is Odeo, which you can use to send us voicemail.  You can find a link directly to our Odeo account in the “Links” section of our website.

Due to the amount of feedback it’s generated, we clarify our views on Shadowrun and Champions.  After that, we spend some time reminding everyone of the real gems of old and out-of-print games, and we think back to the “girlfriend games” that got our significant others into the hobby.

Our gaming advice portion of the show focuses on making good NPCs (non-player characters) for your roleplaying game.  As of this post, I don’t have our sample NPCs posted to the Resource section of our site, but that will be corrected by the end of Monday.

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan

eleven and a half years ago

Very useful advice for a gamemaster. You had me kicking myself over routes I had denied players which were totally playable, just not what I had in mind. Needless to say I will be trying to do better in the future. Sometimes it\'s hard to know when to lead the players and when to let them lead you.

David Gray
thirteen and a half years ago

Episode length is not an issue, really.

I enjoyed the 50 minute run, although I did think to myself \"Self, if they get any longer on these, we\'ll have to start listening during the afternoon drive\" which, of course, is significantly longer. (Ah, the \"advantages\" of leaving for work at 4:30 in the morning.)

Thanks for the great material.

When thinking about the NPC \"quirks\" development, I do wonder: How much detail do you tend to go into in prepping NPCs, really. Do you just try to have half-a-dozen \"shopkeeper\" type NPC blankss available to fit in place when the next town visit comes up, or do you typically try to set up \"squinty Jim, the long-winded cyborg who sells used blasters\"?

thirteen and a half years ago

Love the show. As a girl gamer who came to gaming without the assistance of a girlfriend game, I can\'t wait to hear the ladies give their thoughts. Also, the guys in my group are lobbying for me to GM, so I\'m doing my first game. I\'ve really gotten a lot out of your advice and the resources.

P.S. I know I like it when people tell me that my marketing efforts are working. Our entire group now listens to your cast and we found your flyers at Borders on Watson Road in St. Louis.

St. Louis

thirteen and a half years ago

CCCs work best in a game with some kind of ranking system. Higher level officers controling more NPCs. I am currently DMing a game with about 25 NPCs that stay with the characters, but it works well with a simple combat system.

As an officer you can control more than just you\'re main character, depending on what rank you are you can control up to 30 recruits, and even a few officers if you are a leutinant, or just 5 recruits if you are a corpral. This will changed when we get ready for a battle, the command of CCC\'s gets delegated throught the ranks of officers to their under officers and themsleves.

I think I explained it much better there. It\'s near the bottom if you\'re interested.

Jim in Buffalo
thirteen and a half years ago

You guys really are off to a great start... what a great show!

I think there is no reason whatsoever for you guys to feel constrained to keep the show under any particular length, at least not for the listeners\' sakes.

Some gamers out there have pretty long commutes, and need shows that run well over an hour to occupy those hours spent each week fighting the traffic on the way to work.

Now, I think it\'s time for you guys to install a forum on your website. I want to be able to have a protected login for my comments.

thirteen and a half years ago

I\'m in agreement with Jim, you know you\'d have 2 members there.

thirteen and a half years ago

I actualy have a few meaningful things to aks/say.

1. Why is it fear the boot, any speacial meaning for that?
2. About what you said near the end about the length, I like the length, in fact I wouldn\'t mind longer casts.
3. Many of the RPs I run the characters are moving from place to place with no real base. There are a few places they go to more than once but normaly they\'re exploring and meeting people. So I\'ve actually made something I call CCCs (Community Controled Characters) where several players can play an NPC.

Jim in Buffalo
thirteen and a half years ago

This progression that\'s been going on toward RPG systems where the outcome of a combat comes down to a single die roll that gives the winning player narration rights seems to my ancient gaming sensibilities to be the antithesis of what gaming is, or at least what it was to me. It seems more like a lightly-moderated improvisational exercise than a game.

And the young players tell me that I\'m just not with it, and I remember Abe Simpson\'s haunting warning to his teenaged son Homer:

\"I used to be \'with it.\' Then they changed what \'it\' was. Now what I\'m with isn\'t \'it,\' and what IS \'it\' seems strange and scary to me. It\'ll happen to YOU!\"

I might have more to say about this in an Odeo later.