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Fear the Boot

Mar 29, 2018

* (0:29) Welcoming Jason Brick to the show. Baby Shoes, Flash, Sojourn 1, and Sojourn 2.

* (3:04) Setting up today's topic. Jason's Kickstarter for There and Back Again.

* (5:41) Harkening back to The Gamer Traveler. Daniel Perez' current website.

* (8:36) How real experiences affect your roleplaying games. Some examples from security work and drug use.

* (19:36) The way things look, the way people get hurt.

* (37:36) Spaaaaaaaace Camp! Also, Kuala Lumpur, architecture, and names.

* (45:49) Intentionally bringing real experiences into your game.

Hosts: Dan, Chad, Jason, Wayne