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Fear the Boot

Jan 18, 2018

* (1:16) Thanks to Sgt. Dan and Mumswear for the shirts.

* (2:33) Thanks to Mark Larson for the Crown Royal bags.

* (5:19) A shout-out to Andrew Martin.

* (7:33) Brodeur's two episodes on running a game store can be found here and here. Miniature Market's website.

* (12:49) A non-gamer opens a game store.

* (19:01) Building an FLGS from scratch.

* (26:17) Consolidating overhead expenses.

* (30:34) Separate spaces for pay and play.

* (33:38) The flow of the store.

* (42:27) Integrating a store and website.

* (45:38) The gateways to success no one thinks of.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne