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Fear the Boot

Jan 13, 2017

* (0:35) False alarm on Dan's interview on Talking Tabletop, but it's out now (part 1 and part 2).

* (2:06) Chad's unexpected take on Alien: Covenant. The increasing social ubiquity of science fiction. The Fault in Our Mars. Laurell K. Hamilton plugs Fear the Con X.

* (17:19) A Thai-rade and the importance of ordering spiciness correctly. White people mild.

* (25:29) Adapting existing roleplaying games to things they were never meant to accommodate. Blades in the Dark to Rogue One or Star Wars Rebels. Dresden Files RPG to a far-future homebrew.

* (32:34) Not getting lost in the weeds. Recognizing the broad-strokes that fit your needs.

* (39:24) Recognizing what a game wasn't meant to illustrate.

Hosts: Chad, Dan