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Fear the Boot

Jan 5, 2017

* (0:27) The German-language podcast, Eskapodcast.

* (2:17) Dan's idea about "cabinet GMing" that Brodeur, Scott, and the Germans are trying to steal. Having other GMs handle the actions of major NPCs to keep their actions independent and unpredictable.

* (12:27) Today's topic: VaMinion steals Dan's idea, which was stolen from Wayne, which was stolen from Scott. Shielding a character from certain risks by virtue of who or what they are. The prior discussion on the X card can be found on this episode and across several pages of the accompanying forum discussion.

* (18:47) Why the group template may not help you dodge this issue.

* (24:10) Laundering real social issues through fictional elements.

* (27:17) Does the dog die?

* (31:14) Some approaches for dealing with this. Pregame conversation. Dry-run scenes. Simply not allowing it.

* (42:37) The zero session, and surviving the cemetery gates. Life changes during the game.

Hosts: Broduer, Dan, Wayne