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Fear the Boot

Nov 9, 2016

* (0:28) Picking up where we left off from the prior episode.

* (3:10) Research and essays, particularly The Pulling Report, countering the satanic panic.

* (4:53) The CBN pamphlet on D&D as an example of what was being said about RPGs during the panic.

* (11:34) The disappearance of James Egbert.

* (20:43) Comparing Egbert's story to Mazes and Monsters. William Dear's The Dungeon Master.

* (22:04) It's human nature to need someone to blame. Back to the pamphlet.

* (26:29) Some quotes about, "What is D&D?"

* (33:56) Don't talk to my XP or my son's XP ever again.

* (37:00) The authorized Dark Dungeons movie.

* (37:44) Patricia Pulling and the suicide of Irving Lee Pulling.

* (45:18) The importance of not minimizing the tragedy, even if you deal with the absurdity with dark humor. The anonymous text service for people needing crisis intervention.

* (49:37) The police leaflet on RPGs. The many criteria for knowing when your teenager is in a cult, including, "They're a teenager". Fighting the Zombie. "All I wanted was a Pepsi," from Institutionalized and sampled in How I Could Just Kill a Man.

* (59:50) Leaflet's section on what we can do. Dan reads off the list and narrowly avoids having a stroke.

* (1:08:35) Conclusions, and the legacy of RPGs.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne