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Fear the Boot

Jul 29, 2016

* (0:29) A loose sound card, Patreon, falling pants, and attack chairs.

* (3:42) The TSA, full-body scanners, and having to take your belt off. Wave of babies.

* (8:14) RPG people tricks, starting with Dan trolling.

* (10:46) Wayne getting the feel of a game.

* (12:16) Brodeur interviews himself.

* (14:04) Dan CAN judge you. But he rehearses his lines, too.

* (16:28) Voices and the methods by which accents can be attained. Theme songs, and more ways to get hyped for a game.

* (22:33) Chad's confession: The hit points are a lie. Conceptual damage instead of hit points.

* (27:08) It's not fair?

* (30:30) Wayne asks why.

* (40:37) Naming NPCs after things in the room.

* (44:59) Pregame rituals

* (47:19) Fortunetelling for your NPCs.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne