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Fear the Boot

Jul 14, 2016

* (0:33) Moon, Dredd, and Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition.

* (8:25) Dan comes up with one nice thing to say about the movie, Battleship. Also, they're voxels, not pixels.

* (12:58) Chad recommends The Seventh Seal.

* (14:15) Dan's Gnollsona days are to be in their peak soon.

* (15:30) All the things worse than gamer categories. The Sokal affair and other uses of world salad.

* (18:59) The three facets of GMing, starting with the adversarial.

* (21:56) The confederate.

* (28:29) The middle ground: the adjudicator.

* (33:56) Pat's special dice. Labels are better at describing a moment than the GM.

* (36:29) Chad hates the Myers-Briggs test. Dan hates the Keirsey Temperament Sorter, though it isn't mentioned in the show.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Pat