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Fear the Boot

May 11, 2016

* (0:54) Revisiting side games.

* (1:39) How we deviated from our prior advice.

* (3:47) Chad loses InSpectres and switches to Wilderness of Mirrors.

* (6:13) On the activities of the players and their gang.

* (9:18) Objective 1: Kill James Waite.

* (11:28) Not keeping the side game and main game related.

* (12:32) Could players that aren't there for side games be left in the dark?

* (28:18) Easter Eggs for longtime fans that aren't necessary information to understanding the plot.

* (31:57) Going back in time.

* (33:48) Generating game ideas by asking what the players would like to learn more about.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Pat