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Fear the Boot

May 4, 2016

* (0:32) Running a game in a very short time slot. A possible Skies of Glass show series and Wayne's lunch game.

* (2:33) Keeping this a fully-developed game instead of using a specialized system or one-off approach.

* (3:20) Limiting the time spent on social interactions.

* (4:05) The value of proactivity. Moving some discussions offline to keep the game going. True Dungeon and Escape STL.

* (11:44) Forced energy and keeping the pace. Putting aside complex rules.

* (20:20) Changes to game prep and execution.

* (31:59) Chad's character concept.

* (35:23) Being episodic or skipping over periods of transition between major plot points. The potential sacrifice of some player agency.

* (42:55) Being pro-player when their agency is reduced.

Hosts: Chad, Dan, Pat