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Fear the Boot

Apr 7, 2016

* (0:32) Fear the Boot's Warframe clan, Fear the Ninja, is active again. You can download the game here and find details on the clan here.

* (4:21) Get your votes in for what game you'd like to hear us play with the folks from One Shot Podcast.

* (6:50) A big thanks to the people recommending our show on Reddit!

* (7:38) Brodeur gets touched. You can donate to Wayne's Make-A-Wish fundraiser here.

* (17:19) Significant time jumps within the course of an RPG's plot.

* (23:58) The importance of establishing the purpose of the time jump.

* (27:38) Observing what the players latch onto during that opportunity.

* (29:51) A chance for the players to introduce new ideas.

* (35:02) Evaluating the changes that have happened during that time.

* (45:12) The varying significance and scale of time to different characters.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne