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Fear the Boot

Oct 15, 2015

* (1:31) DruCon: the fan convention on June 3rd and 4th of 2016. You can find the Facebook group here and back the funding campaign here.

* (2:28) Using a well-established NPC in your game.

* (6:30) Why is the character there at all?

* (7:44) Know the character as a whole person.

* (8:49) Throw canon out the window.

* (10:35) Don't act like a fan of the character.

* (11:22) Remember that your game is a story about the player-characters.

* (13:42) Making sure the NPC doesn't dominate the players in ability, gear, contacts, or knowledge.

* (16:57) Give the character meaningful weaknesses.

* (19:41) Have the NPC be a fan of the PCs.

Hosts: Dan