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Fear the Boot

Oct 2, 2015

* (0:29) We don't win 'em all.

* (1:07) Character pictures and why Wayne hates them. People that benefit from a visual element in the game. The concept art for the Star League throne. The legend of the collapsible cup.

* (12:16) The over-sexualization of female imagery.

* (17:08) The supposed link between gaming and anti-social behavior. The distinction between murder and killing, as illustrated by Witcher 3 and Robotech: Invasion.

* (26:52) The human knack for justifying evil. The value of a game that's deep enough that you can empathize with the "villain".

* (37:30) The relationship between moral behavior and consequences. Watch what you reward.

Hosts: Brodeur, Chad, Dan, Wayne