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Fear the Boot

Feb 7, 2007

During the show, we make a few jokes about an “oooooh” noise.  During the show I said I would link the video that comes from, so here it is.  Please be aware it includes foul language.

* Katie, I can’t understand the email address in your voicemail.

* A writer’s critique group is running on our forum.  To join, send a private message (on the forum) to Tony, who both heads up the critique group and is a host of the Fanboy Smackdown, movie review podcast.

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* Why do gamers all enter the hobby with the same preconceptions?

* Is it possible to bring what we enjoy from tabletop gaming into video games?

* Designing the economy and itemization for your new roleplaying game.

* Skies of Glass Q&A

Hosts: Adam, Chad, Dan, Mike

Aaron M
almost thirteen years ago

Thank you so much for posting the link to the Fenslerfilm GI Joe video -- I\'d forgotten those. :)

Keith M
almost thirteen years ago


I\' ve been working through your past episodes and wanted to throw an idea along the lines of promoting role-playing: Libraries! Get the books ON THE SHELF! Donate the money to help start teen programs or even send the base game books for the libraries to stock in a reference section.

I have worked with my local library to start a monthly DnD Game Day. Been over a year now and we average 10 teens (high 15; low 3). A few of the players are buying their own books. I plan on introducing other games like Burning Wheel and some older wargames (Renegade Legion, Battletech, Wooden Ships-Iron Men, etc.).

BTW, I plan on using some of your earlier podcasts for introducing creation of characters, groups and plots.

If you use my comments (or even not), please give a FTB shout out to the Brownsburg Library DND group (Brownsburg, IN, 1st Sat of every month at noon).